Monday 16 July 2012


It is currently 9pm here in EBEETZA! We are going clubbing at 1am tonight in superclub Eden, should be good. Was in Eden from 3:30pm - like 5/6 having a foam party! So cool! I was covered in foam and water, it was so funny, went 'swimming' in the foam! Got 2 free drinks and wristband to Eden!

After Lillie got her tattoo and I rand mum for 15 mins, needed to tell her loads of stuff, I'll tell u when i get home! A man tried to beat me up!! I'll say more at a later date...

Had chinese for dinner and I've beem taking my nails off. Now at the pool with my feet in. :) love the sun!

Yesterday was silent disco! Fucking MENTAL! BEST NITE IN IBIZA!

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