Monday 9 July 2012


I've had a pretty good day today, I woke at 8:28 am and started to call my doctor, I did not get through till 8:40am and I was not happy, I got an appointment for today to change my new tablets because they are making me ill, he told me not to use them till I am back home in the UK to be on the safe side.. 

I met up with Lillie after and went ASDA for my new tablets and we both picked up some cider and walked home, was nice to spend time with Lillie and my mum before me and Lils go Ibiza, now she knows everything she needs and we are 100% sorted with our Ibiza wristbands and t-shirts for the airport :) We are pretty buzzing to be honest. (you may be able to see this from our tweets) hehe

After some time Lils went home and I cooked some dinner for me and mum, pretty nice. Been watching TV and finished packing and getting ready.

Tomorrow I'll wake up around 11am, go get my eyelashes done and buy a plain white t-shirt to go under my red shirt, fingers crossed I will find one. After I'll come home, mum will wash my hair and I'll rest a little before I have a bad night sleeping because I'll be thinking about Ibiza :D I still can't believe I won a holiday and two tickets to see Dizzee Rascal!

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