Thursday 26 July 2012

One Million GBP

If I won,got,earn One Million GBP the first five SELFISH things I'd do would be:

1) Book a holiday (with mum)
2) Get a boob job
3) Get an iphone 4s (lol)
4) Buy a fiat 500 PINK
5) Get my hair done but a top hairdressser.

Top 5 un selfish things:

1) Help mum out however I can
2) Give £2000 to GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital)
3) Give £2000 to Breast Cancer
4) Give £1500 to cancer research
5) Donate to Guy's & St Thomas' hosp

I guess you learn a little about someone when it comes to money, apprently it does change people. But as long as I was to do my 5 un selfish I'd be content in myself!

All of that could come to a round about total of £12k

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