Friday 6 July 2012


Back home now, I've had a pretty good day to be honest, I woke up I think midday or just before, it was a nice little sleep in because the last week I have been so tired it is unreal, I want to get over the tiredness before Ibiza or I'll have a bad holiday!

So today I went Surrey Quays and got €100 more euros, foundation, a headband and a new bra. I am not showing my bra but you can see a little of it on a picture below. I am now done with my cash Euros and have over €360 which is pretty good, I don't want to change all my money up just yet. 

So I never wear foundation, I have pretty good skin but I got this match Perfection from Rimmel London, I'll be honest, I never get "white people" make-up because they never do my colour, I have to stick to 'sleek' as they do darker shades, I was happy to get this colour.. "400, natural beige" and it is the closest match to my face colour, it looks really good. I'll do a before and after picture maybe? It also has SPF 15!

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