Tuesday 28 August 2012

Bed time

I woke up 8:29am ready to call my doctors for an appointment, lucky for me they picked up at 8:33am and I was like the 4th person because they wanted me to have a 9:45am appointment. I changed it to 11am! So because of this I took the day off work. I called in 3 times and sent an email but no reply!

I needed the day off, my knees were very bad when I woke up, these 8.5+hour shifts are not good for me! I take 4 pills and all I want to do is sleep, I am in pain the whole shift!

I went ASDA after my GP and got some toys for my brother. I got home by midday so I wasn't out long! Got super hot out yet I was freezing! I am always cold these days!

After I got home, ate some food and watched two films. Now I'll sleep :)

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