Thursday 16 August 2012

Pay Day

Today is pay day and I've got more cash from work, I have more than enough money to go on a holiday now, but I'll wait and find a good deal. I just done some online shopping and got two new dresses, new bras and jean style leggings. It was a little expensive for me, I'd like a few more items for the price I paid, but delivery was £4 for 3-5 or £5 for next day... So it should be here tomorrow! I also found a discount code online ;) I do love voucher cloud!
  • Subtotal: £57.00
  • Discounts: -£11.40
    • 20% off when you spend £50
  • Delivery: £5.00
  • Total: £50.60 
 Fingers crossed it all fits well and I will be a happy bunny! 

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