Tuesday 25 September 2012

Iphone broke?

Yesterday I didn't blog because I was so stressed out I wanted to abuse someone!

My phone 'broke', I couldn't sleep, I had no alarm to wake up for college, it was raining, i forgot my college pass, I had to stand in a long Q, I had a massive headache, my belly hurt, I forgot my nose stud (feel naked w/o it), I was feeling stressed and I found out it would cost me like £145 to stop my current contract and buy a new iphone!

So some of these things will sound petty but when you add them all together in one day and most of them before 9am! I wasn't very happy! I had bags under my eyes, I was wet and angry... I didn't feel me without my phone!!

So my iphone went into recovery mode and I couldn't get it out! I had to restore and update to iOS6, lucky for me all my contacts came back and some of my apps! I was overall very happy in the end. I did think I'd have lost everything!!

I better go... College awaits me ^__^

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