Tuesday 11 September 2012

The Boring Life

My life can be pretty boring sometimes, today I've been feeling really depressed and not myself, I was stressing over publisher and not being able to do my first assignment and then I went to the hospital with mum. I've just been feeling really low today, mum has been making me smile and laugh loads but I do under it all feel low... I think because I have had such an amazing summer it has just hit me that I am back to college for my 4th and final year! Next year is UNI or full time work... It scares me a little!

On a brighter note tomorrow I am out with my Lilliebum, going college to hand in some forms, sort out her Oyster card and print off tickets to the cinema, I got free tickets to a new film that is going to be in cinemas next month I think... 

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