Monday 29 October 2012


The last three days have to be the worst three days of this year!!

Saturday my hair got fucked up, Sunday I had to go to the supermarket to buy hairdye & today has been awful & it is only 2:20pm (this is posted late)
And I am angry

Today we SHOULD be going 2 a market with an ALL INCLUSIVE boat trip. We are on the boat now as I type & we are not going 2 the market, the wishing cave or the bird Island. The man who sold us the trip lied and we are stuck on a swimming boat full of fucking wasps!!

I am beyond angry right now so I am listening 2 Avicii & it isn't even making me happy! That is a total first!!

Now I will sit here and sulk because I have been in a mood from Saturday. Each time I see myself I want to cry!!

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