Wednesday 10 October 2012

Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Challenge

As you know I got the free sample from Garnier the other day and I am now on day 5 of my 7 day challenge (not used today's yet) 

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting it to really work, most lotions don't do anything for me. I just feel oily and greasy and feel they just sit on my skin looking shiny. But I couldn't be any more wrong with this lotion. I'll admit for the first 10 -15 I have to be semi naked and not touch anything because I feel sticky and greasy but after it works wonders! I've been using it on my legs, arms and nose. I've even had a friend smell my hands and tell me they smell beautiful! This may sound a little weird but I have also noticed already when I shave my legs I don't get that itchy feeling, I believe because they are not dry and flaky.. 

Day One: I tried it pretty late at night, I went to bed a few hours after so not sure how I felt but I woke up with softer feeling legs.

Day Two: I used it early evening, this is when I noticed the greasy feeling for the first 15. My legs were feeling soft. I woke up about 3 am and I was feeling cold, I rubbed my legs to warm them up and I couldn't believe how smooth the felt, I really did feel sexy!

Day Three: I used it at night and used some on my mother, I am yet to ask her how her legs are feeling, my legs were feeling stubbly so I shaved them and didn't have no itchy feeling after when applying the cream, I normally do.

Day Four: I used it late last night, I was feeling a tad sticky again but it is totally worth it, my legs are feeling beautiful.

Day Five: My legs are not feeling as soft today but they are not dry and my tattoo is looking shiny still. I just put my day 5 lotion on and my legs needed it I think, they feel like they have just been shaved, maybe I need to re shave them!

Day Six: My legs are back to feeling soft and smooth again. Not sure what was wrong yesterday! My legs just feel so sexy.

Day Seven: I missed day seven so I used say seven on day 8. I've left it a few days to wrote about day 7 so I can see how long it has lasted. So I am on about day 11 *lost count* and my legs are still soft! They have won me over!

I have now got the product and it is amazing! Shame it is a different consistency but I am still in love with the cream.. Thank you Garnier!  

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