Friday 5 October 2012

On my way!

On my way to college, I am on the bus. I woke up at 8am, I was so tired I kept putting my phone on snooze! I knew at 8am I'd have to wake up or I'd be really late because I have to leave at 8:45 latest.

So I woke up pretty quickly, got washed and so on, put on my new top and hoodie and a coat! I fully feel the cold these days! I know I'll be baking at some point but for now I feel like ice! I finish college at 12:30 so I'm okay I guess.

After college I am going home, will sort myself out and get the train to my dad's house. Need to take my little brother's birthday gifts, his birthday is a week before mine! So I am pretty late, I'm sure he will be happy anyway.

So I may blog later, lets see how the day pans out :)

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