Friday 19 October 2012

Today 19.10.12

Today I went college, hospital & ASDA.

I went college till 11:30am, went hospital till 4pm & then ASDA till like 5pm. I got an x-ray at hospital. Had to have no bottoms on as it was on my knees, a litle awkward when I had a male doctor, had to keep covering myself!

In asda I got my freebie with my coupon & two cans of coke zero from a lady giving it out. I also tried on a onesie, I am going to buy it tomorrow! I wanted a bigger size but they don't have it so I'll just buy that one. ASDA near me is rubbish, only had a small/med ^__^ I know it will get smaller in the wash so it is best I get a baggy one!

After I went to my friend Beth's house, was nice to catch up, been a little while! Listen to some house music, made dinner & had some chatting time!

Now I'll get into bed, long day tomorrow! 

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