Thursday 22 November 2012


Looking to go Birmingham College University. I'll be honest it wasn't even on my list but after calling around I found out I don't have many options. I only didn't want to go Birmingham because it is 3+ hours away from London. So I've been looking into it and I'll speak with my teacher tomorrow, if she agrees I should apply I'll go to their open day next month with my mum and have a look around. Plus they have a Christmas market so it will be a nice day out. It don't cost too much either to get up there on a coach. BUT I'll have to be at the coach station (about an 45 minutes away from my house) at 7am! Pretty early but it could be so worth it if I decide I want to go to the university. 

I found out today I know a few people who go there so I'll ask them a few questions about the university facilities. I'll be honest Birmingham is a good place to go for a university. It will feel just like London I'm sure it is just as busy... I study tourism so Birmingham is amazing for that.

Away from the main side the university the fun side is amazing too in Birmingham. I LOVE the "brummy" accent and they have really good nightlife too! So far Birmingham has a 10/10 from me.. 

Wish me luck!

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