Sunday 4 November 2012


Had the best nights sleep in a while last night, woke up thinking I was all better because I wasn't awake every 2 hours in excruciating pain. But boy was I wrong. I ended up going hospital. Not to A&E but to a clinic and I had to do samples and give them to my GP to send off tomorrow. I could just have gone A&E but I'd only have to sit there 6 hours for them to finally tell me what was wrong and that whole time I'd be in discomfort so I'll see my GP tomorrow before college and hope for the best. I doubt I can even go in tomorrow and I am getting behind with college already. Just wish this bug would go!!

My uncle teased me today. Have you see the program "Monsters inside me"? It has about parasites that get into your body and make you very ill, I now have that running though my head! BUT if I did have that I will be contacting the hotel and giving them a few words of what I think about their cold tasteless food!

I'm feeling a little bit better but not very much so, right now I could vomit for England. I've hardly ate, only a little because you NEED food. I feel like total crap right now. :(
I have so much more respect for my mother and any woman who had childbirth without pain killers, I keep feeling like I am having contractions then I'm off being sick within seconds, we did at one point even wonder if I had appendicitis.

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