Thursday 22 November 2012

Breathe Right Nasal Strip Review

I got two free samples from "Breathe Right" a little while ago, I've not used them because it didn't really seem like my cup of tea. I hardly snore but I do due to my sleep apnoea..

So tonight (22.11.12) I decided I'll try them out. I'll update this tomorrow morning with how they worked.

I did my nightly wash and cleaned my face and made sure I dried it fully, I opened the strip and tried to apply it to my nose as securely as possible. Instantly I felt discomfort so I read the pack and it says it has latex in, I can have allergic reactions to latex gloves so I understood my discomfort. My nose is really itchy and it isn't fully sticking. But for the sake of writing a review I have decided to carry on wearing it, if anything I'll wear make-up to cover any rash. 

 Wish me luck... I'll update tomorrow

This is my review of the product.

I'm not sure how this product works or if it is magic, it may work for others but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I can see how it may work because before I fell asleep I did feel like I could breath a little better than normal, my nose didn't feel blocked like it normally does.
After eventually falling asleep I wake up at 2:02am to find the strip is only half on my nose, I did try to stick it back down but it just wouldn't stick. At this point I gave up and took it off my nose and it hurt like a [insert word here] and this was with only one side being stuck down. I can not imagine if the whole thing was stuck. Make sure you wet it before you take it off, this will also take the stickiness from your nose.
I'm glad these were samples and not something I spent money on! I'd recommend you try the free samples before you go out spending your money. They may work for you or they may not.

I have actually woke up with a really bad cold, my nose feels weird and is full or mucus!

* Size matters - You can buy different sizes for larger and smaller noses, this is good for anyone who has a larger nose than an average person.
* Relieves nasal congestion - I did find that before I fell asleep I could breath a little bit better.
* Drug Free - This is always a bonus when it comes to stuff to do with health.

* Price - I have looked around and on average the price is £5 for 10 strips. (50p each strip) I also found it is £10 for 30 strips (33p each) I find this pretty expensive for what it is, and remember it MAY not work for you!
* Uncomfortable - It isn't the best feeling when it is sitting on your nose, I do think it keeps you awake that little while longer because it is there annoying your face.
* Latex - This for some people is a problem because of allergies, and for me it made my nose very itchy like I had a sticker on my nose.
* Cleanliness- If your nose is dirty or you do have cream on your face it will not stick, for me I like to cream my face before bed. This stopped me creaming my nose.
* Falls off - If you sleep on your front like me you can find it comes off and then won't stick back on.
* Nose Stud - You should 100% take any nose studs/rings out so this product isn't to be used if you are in the stages of not being able to take the stud out.

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  1. I have often wondered about these but I too sleep on my front so I think I will give them a misee