Monday 26 November 2012

Camplan review

So it isn't a full review because I wasn't going to do one but now I am so sorry it isn't complete...

It is currently 2:13pm and I have not eaten yet, as you know I am ill so I've not even been thinking about food yet...

Back when I was ill before (from a bug in Turkey) I ordered a freebie from Complan. It is a sachet that has vitamins, carbs, fats, sugars, minerals and protein. It is the equivalent of a light meal. It is there to help a little when your appetite is low to make sure you keep going... It contains 26 vitamins and minerals AND it tastes beautiful! 

I picked up a chocolate one and it was lush. A little like a milkshake. It was much better than me eating a full meal. I only wish I had more while I am currently feeling like this. This is how you make one...

You need 200ml milk or water (I used milk)
A whisk or fork (I used an electric whisk)
A glass or mug (I used a mug)

Add 100ml of milk/water into a mug/glass and add the full sachet, mix with the fork/whisk till it is creamy/ looking like a milkshake. While you whisk add more milk/water with the other hand, keep mixing as you do so.


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