Monday 19 November 2012

College life

Woke up 8am this morning, it is really the latest time I can wake up in the morning because I have to leave my house at 8:45am. It gives me just enough time to wash, dress and do my hair. I left 8:40 because I wanted to get the early bus so I can hit the library before college, had to photocopy a Gazetteer for my course work. I had a pretty dull day in college but I did get a distinction on my tour which is amazing because it was a cold day. I am so proud of myself and some of the members in my group! 

I did have a university meeting today but the lady didn't turn up. The 10 of us was left waiting for 20 minutes and she didn't turn up, we was very annoyed because we all want to sort out our UCAS and do it all correctly. I need to find one more university to add on my list. I am going to West London University which is my 4th choice but I may see it next week and fall in love with it and even have it as my first. I am so open with what university I go to. I really just want one in a decent area and they have contacts for me to find a good job, I also want to study Galileo too. It is a system that Business travel use. It can help me change my life!

I had an exam after waiting for the meeting, I got 13/13 on the exam so I really felt like I was on a roll with my studies TILL I went into maths class! (I study maths now so I have my GCSE for university) I loved maths back in school and I really wish I took the exam because now it feels so much like hard work. I wanted to cry. I didn't understand it. I guess I have to set myself the challenge to learn maths from scratch again and pass this by February.  

I got home little after 5pm and got in my onesie. Been watching TV and filled out an on-line exam for a company. Fingers crossed I get the job. It is perfect! Working Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 19:30. Perfect for me, fits in with college (clearly)

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