Thursday 15 November 2012

Then & Now

Take a look at my post "The Real Me" before you read this!

As you can see back in 2010 when I started this blog it was mainly for me to talk about my feeling and make myself feel better about myself. I wasn't in a good way with life and I really didn't know if I would last much longer in this world. 

I really can't believe this was only two years ago, I have came so far, I wouldn't go so far as to say I am 100% better and I never have bad weeks but I have came so far. I am so content with life. I have an amazing family, amazing best friend & loads of wonderful college buddies. I have to say even my teachers are amazing, I get so stressed out and they can always calm me! They keep all me happy and smiling when things go wrong. I am happy with all that I have, I may not have much money or the coolest things but I have a mum who loves me millions & I really think that is all I need in my life. 

I have to say, I am honestly proud of myself. I am working hard at college, settled down even thinking of doing FdA or BA hons at university.  (I didn't even believe I'd pass college back in 2010) I am thinking about leaving home for university where I'll have a shared flat, with no parents to help me with anything. I've been learning to cook more things and I'll soon learn to iron correctly!  I am looking for a new job to fit around college and I am getting on with my family. Hardly any arguments! If no one else is proud of me at least I am!

I normally struggle to see the good I do but I really do believe in myself. 

If you ever think you are not worth it let me tell you you are worth it. You are worth more than you can even think. Your life is like gold dust, cherish it with all you can. Life will always get better. When life gives you lemons... MAKE LEMONADE! I am always here for all of my readers, new or old... You can email me at  

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