Saturday 22 December 2012

All I want for Christmas...

I did say before but encase you didn't see it, my mum is giving me money this year for Christmas, so I am planning on getting a whole new wardrobe. Only this week I found out Ax Paris have a curve section, I adore their normal range so I was very happy to know they now did stuff in my size. I was then upset to see everything I wanted sold out in my size. Always the way when you find such cool stuff. I was also looking on ASOS as they have a plus size section but they really annoy me sometimes, they say their model is a size 20 but I've seen size 12s bigger than them! I know the models are nearly 6ft but I can't see where the 'fat' is for them to be a size 20+
Here is my Christmas wish list even though some of the products are sold out. 

Ax Paris Curve - They do 10% student discount.
1) Leopard Cross T-Shirt £12.99 
I love this top but unfortunately it is sold out in my size, they only have size 16 left. 

2) Vintage USA Flag T-Shirt £9.99
I love this top but again they don't have my size, only a size 16 and a size 26 left.

3) Collar Button Front Dress £19.99 
I'd never wear purple normally but I really like it.

1) Lovedrobe Studded Skull Tunic £20 in sale
I like this T but I think the arms look a little too short

New Look Inspire - They do student discount
I was about to order all of these but I refuse to pay such a high postage. I'll call up Oxford Street tomorrow and may have to go there to get them. 

1) Black Paris Print T-Shirt £7.99
I want this top like NOW! 

2) Black Amour Music Tank Top £7.99
I'd wear this tank top out to a house music club with leggings and  trainers. Perfect for getting down

3) 2 Pack Black Leggings £14.99
I always get mine from ASDA but a few people tell me New Look ones are better.

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