Thursday 20 December 2012

Angry at Maybelline!

So I have to have a rant because I'm pretty annoyed!

I normally have pretty clear skin, I mean I get the odd spot but never a break out. I've only ever had one and that was when I first became a lady...

So I've tried the Maybelline fit me foundation even though my friend told me she had a break out in spots after, I googled it and many people have had break outs after using it and I have too! I am 99.9% sure it is from Maybelline as I said I don't get spots and I've not used anything new on my face to attract spots so I am not happy. I refuse to ever use a Maybelline New York product again!

I don't even want to show a high quality picture because my forehead and cheek looks horrid! Hope this goes before Christmas! I can't be looking spotty!


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