Sunday 9 December 2012

Bad hair dye

Remember my last post about how bad my hair was? Here is an update. 
 If you're not a active reader I'll fill you in with what happened.
I got my hair dyed in Turkey two years ago, I got it died strawberry red and it was amazing, becuase I got it done in Turkey I couldn't get my roots done as no hairdresser could match the hair dye and I didn't write down what it was. So when I went to Turkey again in October I decided to get it dyed again. It wasn't the same area so it was a new hairdresser. I got them to dye it deep red... WHAT A MISTAKE!

I burst out crying as they showed me my hair. The roots where fire truck red and my length was a deep red, brown, blonde, black and caramel. I couldn't believe how badly they messed up. They used three more dyes to get it to the colour I am now and they still missed out parts. Can you see the black and brown parts? Some of my hair looks like them coontail extensions where it is red, black, red, brown, black, red. I don't even want to go to a UK hairdressers because they will just take the p!ss at how bad it is. I could have done a better job! I am lucky it only cost me £10 ($16, €12, 106SEK, 493RUB)

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