Sunday 2 December 2012

First Sunday of December

Good Evening

Good evening my beautiful readers, how are you on this fine Sunday?

             I am freezing cold right now and watching TV while I write my personal statement. Pretty boring I know but it really needs to be finished. I just keep putting it off because I find it hard to write all the good things I have done. So far I have done 362 words, 4 paragraphs and 23 lines

I've had a pretty boring day to be honest, sat here on the sofa doing college work and doing my statement, had a nice dinner and watched Sunday TV. Loads of Christmas movies like Jack Frost and so on. I also done a little online shopping, just got a woolly hat because I need one. I keep getting cold on my way to college. I am trying not to spend much because I have to think about all the hidden costs with going to university like; food, drink, clothes, travel, books, toiletries and other miscellaneous stuff. It all adds up. 

TOWIE is on soon, looking forward to the live show tomorrow, it will be comical!  

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