Thursday 27 December 2012


Had a really good night out yesterday with my bestfriend and some of her friends. I've not been out in so long so she twisted my arm pretty quick. 

First we went to G-A-Y bar in Soho has drinks are only £1.70 each, ended up getting 4 Jägerbombs and a vodka/coke! It was kind of busy but dead music, I got my free wrist band to Heaven and off we went. I say free wristband, it is free to get in that night but you give as much as you like to charity, so we all put some change in the bucket, I believe the money goes to HIV or a gay charity. I'm always happy to help. I was a little annoyed you have to say £1 for a smokers wristband, I don't even smoke but because everyone else does I needed one to go out with them. It was empty really, just over 1000 people apparently but that's empty for Heaven. Popcorn is 'straight' night at G-A-Y but there was still more gays. I got talking to a boy and was dancing with him so my first question would be 'Are you gay?' and he wouldn't reply, he just kissed me. I hope he wasn't gay, would be a little odd if I was kissing a gay guy! haha 

I drank loads last night but I didn't get drunks :( Must have had 2 beers and a vodka in Heaven on top of the 4 Jägerbombs and V&C. I am really not sure what I need to drink to get me wasted! Roll on NYE.

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