Saturday 8 December 2012

Good Morning

Alarm went off at 9am this morning as I was going Greenwich University. I woke up feeling over tired so I decided to give them a call to make sure they did accept my qualification, I didn't want to fall in love with the university and they don't even accept me. Turns outs they don't really accept my qualification. The lady said she can't outright say they don't accept me but it is likely they don't because my course don't have ucas points. Story of my life right now. I had a friend take a look at my personal statement and she said it was good and helped me with the odd word. It really helps when sometimes tells you you are doing well. It makes me want this even more. 

I'm likely to send it off next Tuesday once I've spoke with my teacher and had her do my reference.

I'll go see my grandad soon. I'll be taking my camera, he lives near London Bridge so I may get some good pictures. I'll have a little wonder and take some pictures.

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