Friday 28 December 2012

Gosh Nail Varnish Review

I picked up this beautiful gosh nail varnish in my superdrug haul for only £0.49 so I wanted to try it out and see if I wasted 49p. The shade is called "Blue Monday- 547" Blue Monday is a medium shade of blue with a hint of purple and glitter to give it that kick when it hits the light.

It is a beautiful colour but it takes two/three coats to make it opaque. You can decide how thick you want the colour. 

Coat 1 - When I put the first layer on I was shocked at the colour, I didn't expect something to light to come out of something so dark looking. I like the colour but I know if it was on real nails it wouldn't look good. It needed to be more opaque.

Coat 2 - This is much better shade, and loads more opaque, you could do with one more layer to get the shade of the bottle or a top coat just to add that extra shine to it. You get an excellent coverage. It is a shame the picture doesn't even do it justice! It is now one of my favourite polishes, and the hassle of doing 3 coats is worth it when it is such a beautiful shade.

It dried quickly, it is thin with a smooth consistency not like them thick gloopy nail polishes you can get, which makes it easy to apply. 

What do you think of the colour? Nice huh?

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