Monday 17 December 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

I'll start with this is purely my fault... I picked the wrong shade of foundation & took too long to write the review!
** I am sorry for the bags under my eyes, I was extremely tired that day**

I got a free sample from Maybelline for their new FIT ME foundation, for every Fit Me foundation there’s a Fit Me powder and Fit Me concealer, it comes in 12 shades.

I have a 'normal' skin type with dry skin around my nose.

My biggest trouble with foundations is finding my correct colour, I can never find a shade, I normally look really pale like I've just seen a ghost so I decided to pick the shade above what I thought I was and for once it was too dark, I say too dark it would be perfect when I have a tan but in the winter (when I'm untanned) I need the shade below. I got shade 350 but I need 315. I am thinking of having a tan before NYE, if I do I'll wear this and do a review with me actively wearing it out. So my review begins...

Other than the obvious wrong shading I found overall the foundation was one of the better ones I've tried. I have to say, I'm rather impressed to be honest. I felt flawless wearing this, I was so upset it wasn't my shade for me to really feel the effects of it. 

I like the fake flawless look. I actually didn't have to take the first layer off my nose like I normally do, it just sat perfectly. It felt so weightless and airy, I honestly felt beautiful wearing the foundation. My freckles (yes I have the odd freckle) don't show and nor do any of my blemishes. gives me just the right amount of coverage and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or super greasy. But you have to use a powder to set it, otherwise it won't last!

I've done a video because I I took two days to write the review and had writers block!

It blends seamlessly into the skin
Weightless, natural coverage
It is light, thin and creamy
The foundation is pretty cheap at £7.99 from Superdrugs, £7.99 from boots & £6.79 from Feel unique
You feel fresh and blemish free
Good pigmentation
Matt finish
Buying all three can be expensive
A friend who tried it had a breakout after using it
Only lasts a few hours, I'd say about 4-5 hours before it starts to come off

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