Tuesday 18 December 2012

Plus Size Shopping

I know from experience it can be disheartening when you see beautiful outfits but they don't do your size, so I've listed a few sites that you can get some amazing clothes from. The names in bold are my favourite and the shop(s) I use most. 

This picture is two years old but it was the only one I could find, I don't really like body shots so I don't have many.
  1. New Look Inspire - size: 18-26 I LOVE Inspire
  2. Evans - size: 14-32 A little expensive but I do like Evans
  3. George @ Asda - size: Up to 28 on selected items
  4. F&F True @ Tesco - size: 16-28
  5. TU @ Sainsbury's - size: I'm sure it is to size 28, in selected stores
  6. Yours clothing - size: 14-32 My all time love!
  7. Asos Curve - size: 20 - 26
  8. Curvissa - size: 14 -32 I've never shopped here
  9. Bonmarche - size: 26 - 32 I've never shopped here
  10. Forever 21 -size: 12-20 I don't believe a size 12 is plus size!
  11. M&S - size: 20-28 I have not used M&S yet.
  12. Matalan - size: 18-30 on selected items
  13. Debenhams - size: up to 32
  14. Gemma Collins (TOWIE) - Size: Up to 24 I think, its a little ironic because I think she is a 24+


  1. Awesome list! I've been looking for some good sites to order cute clothes from even tho I'm on a weight-loss journey, I still wanna be cute! Thanks!

    1. Best of luck with your weight loss journey, I always try and fail... :(
      Hope it all works out.