Tuesday 11 December 2012

Southbank- Class trip

Got to the London Eye at 10:10am and was meeting the rest of my class at 10:30am. It was beyond freezing this morning, I was so cold it was unreal! We had a class trip to the Southbank market and Nando's Southwark. I wasn't the most enthusiastic when we got told about the trip but it was a really cool day with loads of laughs. 
As we was walking through the market we came across the famous Southbank skate park with the graffiti. Unfortunately my camera was running out of battery so I didn't have time to be finding the correct setting and messing about with the focus and stuff some these are pretty rubbish pictures but here are some pictures from the day with my misfit of a class. I was looking at the picture and I was thinking "wow, these guys are amazing and I'm so happy they are in my class!"

Here is a picture of my food at Nandos.

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