Saturday 12 January 2013

100 day spending ban

After EE/T-MOBILE have taken £95 off me this month I realised I spend far too much money on items I don't want or use. So I am having a massive clear out to make money and I am having a spending ban. 2 friends and I are looking to have a holiday this summer so I have to save £1000 for spending money and the holiday. I can't waste any more money. I am back to work on 6/2/13 and I am going to save save save! Today is January 12, 2013 so that means that 100 days from today would be April 22, 2013. I must save till then.


1) I can not buy or spend money on any beauty products, hair products or anything that isn't an essential item (deodorants, lady items) unless it is for university or for my next giveaway. (stuff for my room at university or books) Things that lighten the load before I go but I can get my eyebrows done once or twice a month as it only costs £3 - £5.

2) Other than the essential items including food and drink daily I can only spend money on my deposit for a holiday, playing off my holiday and Euros for my holiday.

3) I can not ask friends or family to buy items for me, but I can accept gifts from them, PRs or freebies from companies. I can also spend any money/vouchers I win. 

4) I must go to the gym each time I think about going out shopping

5) I can not go out clubbing, drinking or for a meal unless it is a friend or family members birthday and I really can't get out of it.

6) All money I earn from work must go in a piggy bank. I can buy the piggy bank but it must cost less than £5.

7) I can not buy clothing unless it is essential (if for whatever reason I run out of leggings and so on)

8) My bus travel is free so only use buses unless I am going to work or my dad's where I have to get a train.

9) Make a packed lunch from items my mum has in the house and don't buy food at college/work unless I am super hungry and try and find something cheap.

10) Do a weekly wish list of items I wish I could be spending money on and tell you how it is going. I'll do this weekly on a Saturday.

11) Think about my holiday and why I am saving daily.

12) I can spend money on my current direct debits (phone bill, website bills and ebay charges for selling) and can spend the money I currently have in my coat pocket (£4.83)

13) I must explain and blog about any time I give in and buy something and my readers must tell me off about it! xD  


  1. Good luck with the no spending....I'm trying to spend as little as possible to save up to decorate the house & a small holiday :)

    1. Thank you. Good luck to you too, it is so hard and I'm only on day one haha x