Wednesday 16 January 2013

#BBloggers meet up in London

If you don't follow Tattooed Tealady you may not know about the beauty blogger London meetup in April so I am letting you all know about it. You can find out all the details on her blog. You can click here for a direct link. I'm thinking about going myself. I'd love to meet some more bloggers as I currently only have one friend who is a blogger. I'm a little shy about going. I wont shut up once I've got to know people but I am super shy to start with. I'd love to learn some tips from other bloggers and find out their inspirations. I also love shopping! It is one week before my spending ban ends but I'm sure you will all agree its a good time to break the rules? Maybe I'll have will power not to spend but if I do I still done well waiting till April 15th.

*UPDATE* I just saw it was Monday 15th, I feel stupid now because I'm in college that day. It's a shame. I'd love to go.

Make sure you follow Tattooed Tealady, I LOVE her blog. I'm sure you will too!

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