Tuesday 22 January 2013

Broke my spending ban because of MUA!

Naughty me! I placed an order with MUA just now! They have a 50% off sale and free shipping WORLD WIDE! The minimum spend is £30 which means you get £30 worth of products for £15. I just couldn't turn that offer down. I got 19 products. From foundations & primer to nail varnish. I was a little upset most items were in fact out of stock like their brushes, the new furry nails and other items. I did find it a little hard to find £30 worth of products but only because I really wanted new brushes! A few of the items I may put in my next giveaway. I just hope I picked the correct colours for my skin, it's always hard to pick the correct colour when you can't test it. I'm all excited now and fingers crossed they get here for this time next week. I am sorry I broke my ban again but this was an amazing offer and when will I get £30 worth of make-up for £15 again? But do feel free to have a go at me! I deserve it. I believe they have the discount because they recently got 50,000 fans on their facebook page.

The website is currently down/offline. I did think my order didn't go through as it went offline just as I clicked confirm but I later got an email from MUA & Paypal...

Rules on discount: You have to spend £30 or more, offer ends 24/01/13, it excludes the vanity case and you have to use the code MUA50 at checkout.

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  1. I picked up alot similar to you, can't wait for it to arrive! xo