Thursday 3 January 2013

Essex shopping 03/01/13

Went shopping in Essex today, I try to go a few times a year, I go mainly for Your's Clothing, they don't have any stores in London and I found their two best stores after visiting a few and they are in Ilford and Romford, Essex. I just love their stores, they have some really nice items all pretty cheap unlike other plus size retailers. I did love their leggings till they changed the material. Now I buy more of my t-shirts from them. Anyway I'm babbling again... I picked up these little beauties for £30, I've been looking at them for the last two weeks but they didn't have my size. I am a 5.5 in Nike trainers so it is always hard to find my size.

I got this cool multi striped cardigan from Yours clothing. It was £13 down from £20 in their sale. I really love the colours and fell in love with it. I am not sure what is wrong with the picture below, it isn't a 3/4 length arm. I'd highly recommend yours clothing to any plus size lady looking for a cheaper but still beautiful outfit. 

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