Thursday 31 January 2013

Fancy Dress wish list

Once my spending ban has ended I am going to buy loads of fancy dress, it will only be 5 months till university then and I know for fresher's week I'll be partying VERY hard as I do and many parties are fancy dress so I'll need some. Here is my fancy dress wish list till I can buy some. 

Indian Princess from Fun fancy dress - £27.30
Coco the clown from Fun fancy dress - £29.40
Dorothy from Fun fancy dress - £29.40
Blonde wig from Fun fancy dress - £6.22
Sailor outfit from Angel's fancy dress - £39.99
Wig cap from Angel's fancy dress - £1.99
Pink feather wings from Escapade - £13.99
Spikey flashing bracelet from Wonderland party - £3.48

Some 'plus size' fancy dress shops online:

1) The FAMOUS Angel's fancy dress
They do a 'fuller figure' range. They are the world's largest costume company!

2) Mega fancy dress 
They do a plus size range, I say plus size I believe they go to a size 20!

3) Joker's Masquerade
They go up to a size 32 now that really is a plus size range!

4) Large & Lovely fancy dress
They go up to a size 40! I didn't even know there was a size 40! They have a nice selection in their range.

5) Fun fancy dress
They go up to a size 24 in their range

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