Monday 14 January 2013

MUA Nail Constellation

I got the MUA nail constellation from Superdrug the other day for £2 and I just had to try it out before I get my false nails sometime in June/July. I am rubbish when it comes to doing things that take time and effort. I just don't have the hands for it as you can see from the pictures below. You can buy these online at or from superdrug. I personally found my nails just looked messy but maybe that is the look. I'll have to keep using it and see if I get better.

First you paint your nail whatever colour you like, I picked a clear varnish for my nail and a pink French manicure colour for the false nail. Then you apply the balls using the  funnel to the wet nail. The funnel is for easy application with a resealable top. Do this to every nail then use the bowl to fill in the gaps, press the balls down to make sure they stick. Use a top coat to help keep them in place.

I didn't Google it till after I tried them so I didn't know you should use a bowl and stick your fingers in to fill the gaps. I'll be honest I was stuck feeling stupid and disappointed till I watched the video. I stupidly picked up the bottle with no instruction booklet attached. I wouldn't use these on short nails unless you're good at applying things like these.

What I will say is it didn't last very long even on the false nail. I moved it about an hour later and loads fell off like I hadn't already taken off the access. I'd say this look is perfect for going out clubbing or a photoshoot but I wouldn't wear them for everyday use. My bedroom floor is covered in little balls now which really annoy me when I am walking bare foot.

This is the 'mess' I got using it without a bowl, it was pretty hard trying to get it back into the pot. If I lost this many each time I used it I'd lose over half a pot to nothingness.

Has anyone tried MUA's Nail Constellations? How did you get on with them? I'd love to know if anyone has any tips on how to apply them.

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  1. No I haven't tried... aft seeing this post I am fascinated.. Need to chk this out..