Friday 18 January 2013

Oh the pain!

I am in so much pain right now!!

I just went for blood tests at the hospital and had four needles (one in both hands one in both arms) and they got NO blood at all! I've had more blood come out with a paper cut! I've drunk 1L of water today and I think that's enough to make my veins show but clearly not. I always have this trouble with blood tests.

Something is wrong with my hands mainly my left hand. They have gone all swollen. It's hard to show with an iphone camera quality but the vein has burst or something because the doctor was worried after doing that hand and I'm in loads of pain! I can see the vein in my hand and it's like a bump on my hand. I've not even seen my arms yet as I have a coat on but my left arm hurts loads too!

I'm now on my way home to pick up my mum before I take her to the hospital. It's snowing & I'm cold so today really isn't my day!

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