Friday 11 January 2013

Shopping in Superdrug

Gosh effect powder in shade 'kiss' 49p, MUA nail art balls £2 and MUA glitter nail varnish £1.50

I am sure my local Superdrug are starting to think of me as a regular, I seem to go in there so often these days. Their sale is amazing. They still have loads of items for less than £4. I am not sure about other stores but mine still has the 49p eye shadows and 10p sun cream. I ended up having to go today so I could get more dye. I can't believe I walked the street with 4 tone hair. (blonde, pink, red, black) I ended up spending more money than I wanted (just under £20) but every item was worth it. I'll be trying the nail varnishes out soon and let you know what I think. I'll be using the balls next time I get my false nails done. I'm not sure when that will be as I have work from next month and can't have false nails.

Smart blonde hair dye £4.99 and Garnier nutriesse fiery red two for £8.99

My hair is now perfect. I am so happy my mum done an AMAZING job. I used the 'smart blonde' which is apparently a high lift hair lightener but it couldn't be any further from the truth. It didn't really work at all on the black and it just made the red go pink. It was good enough for this job but if I needed a full coverage to turn it from black to lets say purple I'd need a different dye altogether. 

The red hair dye by Garnier is AMAZING. I will highly recommend them to ANYONE who asks me about hair dye! I needed three boxes really but two just about done it. The conditioner smells beautiful and worked a treat making my hair feel beautiful even after using blonde dye. My hair feels so soft and beautiful like I got it done in a salon. The coverage is really good and it takes on dark brown hair. If I had a better blonde the red would have worked even better. I am truly amazed at how good the red came out and I have to say the dye is worth its price tag!

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