Thursday 28 February 2013

Dreaming dresses

I am about to become a poor student so I decided I want to look for a birthday dress before that happens. My birthday is the end of September and it's a big birthday and my frist away from home so I need a sexy little black dress. My birthday is a week or two after freshers week (not sure when my uni do freshers week yet) so everyone will be poor including me so I need to start looking now. I want to pick up something in a size 18 so I can aim to fit in it and have something to work towards. Anyway due to funds I've decided I want to buy it asap so here is my little wish list of dresses I currently LOVE. 
  1. ASOS CURVE Lace Skater Dress With Belt from ASOS - £28
    I love this dress unfortunately they don't have it in my size as they only have 24/26 in stock but on saying that I can't remember how well ASOS sizes are so I could need a bigger size to fit my boobs in well. 
  2. ASOS CURVE Bodycon Dress In Dobby Mesh from ASOS - £25
    I really love this dress, it really shows off your boobs without making it obvious that you want to show them off. Does that sound right? I'm not sure if it would sit right on my tummy but I'd love to try it. 
  3. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Peplum Dress In Lace from ASOS - £45
    You should already know I love this dress. It was part of my BRIT awards 2013 outfit. I think this is so cute, I love a  a pleated peplum. It's a tad bit short for me but I'd love it. 
  4. Peplum Scuba & Lace Dress from Ax Paris - £40
    I love how black and 'nude'/ cream colours go together and I think that is why I fell in love witht this dress, it would look perfect with a pair of loubs. 

  1. Black & dusky pink beaded 2 layer dress from Yours Clothing - £49
    I am not 100% sure about this dress, a part of me fell in love the moment I saw it and a part of me is like 'this is a weird dress' I love the fact it looks like a top and a skirt rather than a dress. 
  2. Long Sleeve Collar Button Front Dress from Ax Paris - £30
    I like how causal this top/dress it. I feel it's more like a tunic rather than a dress. I'd wear it with tights/footless tights or leggings and a pair of wedges or boots and loads of chunky jewellery. I love it so much I've already planned the full outfit haha. I really like the arms.
  3. So Fabulous Contrast Waist Power Dress from Very - £45
    There is just something I love about this dress, it's so basic yet I love it. The waist draws the eye in to the tiniest part of my body and the part I'm not proud of.
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