Wednesday 20 February 2013

FREE Graze box

I've been thinking about getting a Graze box for a few weeks now and I'll be honest like loads of people I just wanted the free box and then I'd stop getting them but I really enjoyed my first box and I think I'll keep it up till my next free box which is the 5th box I get. I feel I should give it a try and see if I still enjoy it by then. I've heard a few bad things about Graze like it don't come on time, the box comes beaten up and stuff like that but for me, my first box is PERFECT. Came on Tuesday like they said, the box is in perfect condition and remember, it is likely the postman/Royal Mail who are at fault not Graze.

I love the fact you never really know what you will get in your box, its a beautiful surprise. You go on the website and pick what you would like, what you hate and what you would like to try and then they try their best to give you a wonderful surprise each week/two weeks. You will never get any items you are allergic too like nuts, you just let them know. I'm personally allergic to bananas, it's a little weird but my dad, his brothers (I believe) and me are all allergic to them. My dad is worse than me. I just feel sick when I'm near them and vomit if I have them but I believe he is really bad with them. My little brother is fine which is odd. You can say you only want low calorie items, you can pick gluten free items, dairy/milk, non-coeliac food and non vegan food. I was very happy with mine this week. I got three of my 'send soon' and one of my 'try' I found out that I like Cranberries & I don't really like blanched almonds, I also found out I wasn't too keen on the cheesy sombreros but I expected to love them the most.

Graze even tell you have health each item is, letting you know how many calories, if the things are high in fibre or even if it counts as one of your 5 a day. As you can see my summer berry flapjacks are high in fibre, the salsa fresca is only 51 calories and the billionaire's shortbread is high in fibre and has a good source of vitamins and minerals. I am on a bit of a diet so I was worried about the Billionaire's shortbread but I was expecting a hell of a lot more calories than that is really in there. Each punnet is just the perfect size, you get just enough for you to enjoy it and want more but you know more would be too much. This would be ideal if you are at a desk job, you can snack and you don't even notice you are eating them as you are typing away. They have 100% won me over.  

The box and tissue is 100% recyclable and I am sure they pride themselves on this.

If you want a free Graze box click here if the link doesn't go go to Graze and enter one of these codes. GR63ZD9, GR63ZD9T, GR63ZD9F or GR63ZD9C You get your 1st and 5th free! You have to enter your card details BUT you can cancel at ANY time and you are in NO contract with Graze. You can read all the fine print by clicking here and see their FAQ here.  

Make sure you let me know if you got your free Graze box. I'd love to hear what you got/ what you think about it.


  1. i get mine every Wednesday for a few month now :-)

  2. I keep hearing about these Graze boxes, I might give it a try!