Wednesday 13 February 2013

John Greed Jewellery blogger challenge

The amazing John Greed Jewellery currently have a blogger competition (which ends on 14/02/13) and I just had to enter! 

Here is my entry.

Eclectic Eccentricity Winging My Way Back To You Bracelet - £20
Soda Pop Rubix Cube Necklace - £8.95 
 Soda Pop Black & White Tweety Birds Necklace - £8.95
Soda Pop Polka-Rock Dickie Bow Necklace - £8.95 
Pandora Breast Cancer Awareness Charm - £35 
Pandora Silver Bracelet - £55
Pandora 18th Birthday Charm - £35
Nomination Steel and Silver Eternity Earrings - £38
Wonderland Clock Pendant - £8.95
Total: £218.80

Way back to you bracelet:
I love swallows and this bracelet is so cute. This would always remind me of my best friend. She got one tattooed on her when we was in Ibiza. Every time I see a picture of one it fills me with happiness and memories of Ibiza. With their logo it's like you have the whole world in your hand which is something one of my friends always tells me when I am feeling low.

Rubix cube necklace:
I am such a 90's kid and this necklace is so me, it is bright, colourful and fun. The rubix cube always brings back a painful memory of when I was little and my thumb came out of its socket as I was using one as a dice. My dad was a fireman so he knew what to do and quickly but it was so painful that I can remember it still now. Other than that one painful memory the rubix cube just reminds me of my amazing childhood. 

Tweey bird necklace:
Once again this is super cute and I love birds.. I sometimes feel like a bird trying to escape from a bird cage. I've been looking at this necklace for a while now. Once my spending ban is done I am 99% sure I'll be buying it.

Dickie bow necklace:
I do love a dickie bow and this is so me! I'm a bit quirky and I love cute little necklaces that show that. It is colourful and girly. I do love my fun necklaces.      

Pandora Breast Cancer Awareness Charm:
Someone, who I class as family, had breast cancer so this will always be a charity close to my heart. She was very lucky has overcome cancer and is still alive and very much well. I'd love to give to this charity monthly and as soon as I start to earn good money I'll do all I can to help the charity. I'm planning on getting fitter and I'd love to do the charity runs so I'd be very proud to have this charm on my bracelet. 15% goes to a breast cancer charity. 

Pandora Silver Bracelet:
I am a girl, and like 99% of the population I've always wanted a Pandora bracelet, I've just never been able to afford one. I've had many charm bracelets in my years and this is by far the cutest. I'd love to have one and collect all the beautiful charms. 
Pandora 18th Birthday Charm:
So I am like 2 years late on getting this charm but I've always wanted an 18 charm for a charm bracelet. I know you should get these as a gift and not buy your own but it's too late for anyone to buy me one. My 18th birthday was by far my favourite. I didn't do the classic going out with friends getting drunk I spent it with my family having an amazing meal (which we now do every year for everyone's birthdays) and having sober fun.  

Nomination Steel and Silver Eternity Earrings:
I am normally a stud kind of girl as never really want to draw attention to my ears but I really like these. They have converted me. These would look perfect when I dress up to go for a meal or wedding

Wonderland Clock Pendant:
Alice in Wonderland has always been and will forever be one of my favourite Disney movies. I'd always go into a different dream world when I was feeling low. I could be who I wanted to be and this pendant will always remind me of that. 



  1. Oh lovely choices hon, glad you saw my blog withn the link on. It wasn't advertised much was it? That's why i wanted to put a link on my entry so others could have a chance too, good luck
    Angela x

    1. I'm sorry, I never got this from your blog. My best friend called me when she saw it on their Twitter.