Saturday 2 February 2013

Spending ban - Week 3 wish list

So it's that time again and this is a queued post as I am currently away from my laptop till Sunday evening. It's been even harder this week. I now know I am going university so I've been looking at items for my new bedroom. I know it is in the rules that I can buy items but I don't want to just yet. I've also been super close to booking my holiday to Ibiza but the flights are so bad it means the holiday is like 4/5 days of 'free time' and the other two are at the airport all day/night/early morning and getting to Gatwick at like 4am and there isn't a train to get home. I really need to find a decent holiday for under £400 SC or under £500 AI. I wish it was summer, I need new items for holiday and I can't even look for the items because it is Winter/Spring. I need some cute tees. I'll just hold out till April *sulks*

Anyway enough of me going on... here is my weekly wants. 

Ekne mirror from Ikea - £15


  1. I went to Ibiza last year :) Really want to go again this year!
    I'm also having a spending ban for lent this year!