Thursday 14 February 2013

University Room wish list

University is all I pretty much talk about these days, I am so determined to go university and better myself that it's became the main focus in my life. I've been thinking recently there is so much that needs to be done and I have no idea where I am going to get the money from! I have to pay £750 rent upfront for my room and then I need to kit it out so it's like my own little palace because currently it is a blank canvas! So I'd need bedsheets, pictures, towels, posters, wash bins, a mini fridge (I don't want to share milk and stuff like that), a mirror, a clock, lamps, a rug and other girly touches to show the room is mine and not a prison cell! Next & Ikea seem to be the best bet. Both have AMAZING home sections... I can't wait

Here are a few of the items I'd want to make my room mine. 

Wood Canvas Laundry Sorter from Next - £40
Bright Pink 4 Piece Bale from Next £20 
Live Laugh Love wall sticker from Next - From £10
Cork board from Ikea - £3.25 
Pen holder from Ikea - £3.50
Magazine file set from Ikea - £4.75
Stainless steel photo frame clock from Debenhams - £28 
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