Sunday 17 February 2013

Westfield Stratford City haul & mini rant

 So it's no secret that I broke my spending ban yesterday, it was all pre planned. I went to Stratford Westfield to go to New Look and take back some items and check out the Republic sale as they have recently gone into administration and as always I had to check out Primark. 
I started by going to Republic, I had my gift card so I wanted to spend it off because I know it's highly likely that they will be getting closed down, I found some beautiful raspberry coloured Converse. RRP £43 and I got them at a steal! Little over £20 and with my gift card they would have been even cheaper... That's if they accepted my gift card. I had tweeted them the day before and they woman didn't tell me anything about not accepting gift cards but for whatever reason they are not accepting them. I know they need to earn money right now but someone has already paid (lets say £10) to the company so why will they not accept it? They are not losing money when someone had already gave them £10 for the card. The man gave me a number to ring so I'll do that Monday and see when I can get my cash back. 

After Republic I went to New Look, I tried on a dress that has been on my wish list for the longest while but it wasn't very nice quality. Yet again New Look have upset me with the quality of their stuff. I am not sure if the Stratford store is their flagship but it has hardly any inspire items. I am fed up of shops like Forever 21, New Look, H&M all have rubbish plus size sections in store. Why bother having the section when there are like 10 items? Have you been to their flag ship stores? Like 2/3 levels with over 1000 items yet in their plus size range they have like 10. I'm sorry for the rant but they needn't bother. I'd rather keep my fat ass at home and do online shopping to see their full range.  

I then went to Primark and picked up a nice jumper, a tank top/vest and some knickers from Primark. I never buy undies from Primark these days but for £1 I decided I'll try them out again, you never know what sort of quality you get with Primark. I did find out they go up to a size 20. But their size 20 is more like a size 16-18. I got the vest in a size 20 but I could have done with a size bigger which would really be a size 18-20 in a normal shop. I aim to loose some weight before holiday anyway. 

After New Look I had no real aim for where to shop so I looked around and had a bite to eat. It was now about 2pm and I hadn't eaten or drank all day. I got some jerk chicken rice & peas with coleslaw. It was beautiful. I then had a look in some more shops before heading to my grandad's to meet my mum and go ASDA. I walked in Select and I'm not sure why but he was stating at me. Maybe wondering why I am in a store that clearly doesn't do my size but whatever the reason I found it very rude so decided not to buy the shoes I was looking at. I hate when I walk in a 'skinny girl shop' and they look at you like 'why are you here fatty?' I was in a store that I knew went to a size 18/20 asked if they had an item in my size and they lady was like 'we don't go that big!' I was like 'woah... RUDE!'

I then went ASDA with my mum and picked up a new bra for holiday, a 'home' coat hook, two pairs of leggings, cheap knives and forks for university and loads of food items for my class event. 

Overall, I had a pretty eventful day.  

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  1. I call New Look & Select 'skinny shops'!! The Select in our town is horrible...The staff look me like I'm the size of a house not a size 18 & the New look in our town goes up to a size 16...I've seen nothing larger...I hate them shops!

    1. I know the feeling, the New Look next to my college did Inspire from the day they open now it has gone. My closest is Oxford Street or Stratford.. Both about 2/3 miles away maybe more. I always feel massive if I go in select. I find them the rudest staff & I know I'm not the only one. I've read other bloggers who complain about them.