Thursday 7 February 2013


Wow!! What a day at work! I started 14:30 and didn't leave till 23:30! I got told I'd be leaving 22:45 but due to someone's till bein under by £65 we had to all stay, turns out the man had mixed up two people's tills. We all nearly missed the last train! I worked it out I'll only get about £55 for that long shift. Feel like it isn't even worth it sometimes, I just enjoy it!

I had an underage guy ask for a pint, i asked for ID he said he didn't have one, the girl next to me asked his age he said 18, I said what year? He said 1992! All my friends are 1993 and are 19 so I told him I refuse to serve him, he walks away to his friend who looked about 16! I am so glad I asked for ID. He kind of looked about 20 bur a very young 20 and clearly he was about 17. That was a bit of luck!

I'm now awake on my way to Kuoni HQ. I believe it is in Dorking. It's a class trip. I'm excided. I'd really love to work for Kuoni even if it was making tea for the customers haha. Should be a fun day!

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