Saturday 23 March 2013

Spending ban - Week 10 wish list

This is due to me being at a university open day.

I have had a pretty good week. I think it is due to the fact I feel so broke and have hardly any money. As you should already know, I spent £14 on foundation which was very much needed as I had NONE, not even a drop. The foundation will last me a few months as I don't use it daily. The foundation was on last weeks wish list (week 9) I feel like I need a new cleanser but I am going to try and wait till after the spending ban. I have a month left now and I feel I may keep it going a little longer till mid May so I have enough money for my class trip to Haven. I paid that off this week well the deposit. I'll pay the rest after Easter. I did have a cheeky Nando's the other day (Monday) my whole class went Nando's as we all had vouchers for free stuff. I spent about £7 something in Nando's and I've tried hard to not eat much the rest of the week. I got a cute necklace in Primark too for £2 but it is for holiday and will not be touched till that time. I'll upload pictures later or tomorrow. So in total I've broke my spending ban with £16 and spent a little more than normal with my food budget. 

Here is this weeks wish list 
I always find it hard to find a bandeau bra in a plus size so I am glad I found this padded bandeau bra from Yours clothing for £10. I hope it stays in stock till my ban finishes. I'd love this to go under my tank tops on holiday. I need a bikini top, not because I want to get my ugly body out on the beach but because it looks nicer under maxi dresses. I found this plus sized Ruched Padded Bikini Top from Evans, it is currently £18 but I am sure I've seen it online for less unless I am thinking of a different one. Evans don't do back sizes like a bra, they do your dress size and cup size which I like more. Unfortunately they don't have my size as this only goes to an E cup, maybe it will fit but I'd like a cup size bigger. I do love my Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara and I really want a new one, just don't like the price tag. I am a student! You can get it at Feel Unique for £18.50. If I go to buy this item I will 100% get it from Ebay and hope for the best. I have heard some good things about the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for All Hair Types and with a price tag of £30.45 from Feel Unique I'd hope it was amazing. I really need some treatment on my hair. I feel it looks lifeless. I need something to make it look sexy again! As I am mixed-race I have pretty coarse and curly hair which unfortunately makes me higher risk for ingrown hairs (I learnt this at beauty school) and on my left leg and somewhere else *giggles* I find shaving is leading me to have ingrown hairs. I'll be honest I can't remember how to fix this problem. I just use tweezers on my leg to pull them out. I'd have to re read my books and find out but for now I think I'd like to try Shavework's Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment from beauty expert. It costs £8.80 but sounds totally worth the money plus it can be applied immediately after shaving or waxing for instant relief without the stinging or burning sensations. I do love my red and pink shades for nail varnish and I found this OPI The Colour Of Minnie Nail Lacquer which seems to be the best of both worlds. It costs £11.50 and I found it on Beauty Expert. I also found the OPI White Shatter Top Coat. I've never seen a white shatter so I'd love to try it and I'm sure it would look super hot. It only costs £6! I really love this Rosary Anklet from ASOS. I've always wanted the tattoo so I'm sure this would look super cute on me. It is pretty cheap too costs just £6 and you can get free delivery and student discount so it's even cheaper. I LOVE IT!
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