Saturday 2 March 2013

Spending ban - Week 7 wish list

 I've not found it hard this week not to spend. I'll admit I've spent about £20 this week. I couldn't really tell you what on because I honestly don't know. I can just guess it's on food and travel and silly little things like that. I already have my holiday paid for and spending money so I've saved £240 towards university. I think it will be my rent deposit or the money for freshers week. I'm not sure yet. I didn't get paid this week I get paid next so depending on my money I'll save or I'll use it for food and travel. I am going out to a club on Monday (maybe) I'll only spend £20 (£10 cab fare and £10 in the club) because I am going to pre-drink with the vodka I have at home. I got my 'packed lunch' today in asda so I don't have to buy food at college on Monday and fingers crossed I can steal some of my mums shopping to feed me Tuesday. haha I want to find a 2nd job so I can earn some decent money. I hate only working once in a blue moon.

Here is my weekly wish list.

1) Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub™ Body Exfoliator - £9.50
2) Bio-Oil - £19.99
3) Pollyana Suede Lace Up Shoe Boots In Blue - £35.99
4) Rock 'N Rose Pixie Lott BELLA Vintage Cross Choker Necklace - £18
5) Viva la Juicy La Fleur RollerBall and Lip Gloss Duo Wand - £9.99
6) Grey Converse All Star Ox Double Collar - £32

7) Nike Air Max 90s - £59.99
8) Leopard Cross T-Shirt - £12.99 
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