Saturday 9 March 2013

Spending ban - Week 8 wish list

I have hardly thought about money and spending this week. I think its because I know I don't have any. I've been trying to save so badly that I've got hardly any 'me money' I didn't go out last Monday like I said I would but I am going out on the 16th for my close friend's 19th birthday. I limited myself to £40 on the night and I'll drink loads of the vodka that I have at home. I still have my holiday on my mind and I can't wait till July. Now only have 122 days till Ibiza! 
Most of the SS/2013 collections are coming out and I've not seen any for my plus size stores but here is this weeks wish list.  
I have been longing for some kind of bareMinerals product and I spotted that BeautyBay do a bareMinerals READY SPF20 Foundation 14g for £20.99. It is  invisible, long-wearing coverage which beautifully conceals every minor imperfection and I feel I need this in my life! I love Essie nail varnish. I really want these shades: Hip Anema, Madison Ave Hue, Bond With Whomever, Go Ginza & Avenue Maintain. These are all on BeautyBay for £7.91 in a 13ml bottle. I really love the idea of the Deluxe Gift Voucher Bundle costing £75. It is a £75 voucher to spend at Motel Rocks then loads of little goodies like dry shampoo, a tote, jewellery, skin care primer and more. I'd love my friend if they got me this. It also comes in a £25 and £50 gift voucher. I am not sure if you can use my discount code to buy this but you can always try. Just add 'leeshastarr' at the checkout! I really like this 5 Beaded Bracelets from Asda it is currently £5 and I need these for holiday. Till I go to all the clubs I won't have any new Ibiza bracelets so I need these to make my arms look less bare. Plus I love the colours.

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