Thursday 14 March 2013

Today's mini haul

Today I did some shopping. I didn't go out to go shopping I just popped in the 99p store with my mum and found these items. I wouldn't even say I've broke my spending ban apart from the cream and oil so I broke it by £2. I picked up the 5 items for £4.95 and the foundation from Superdrug for £1.99. I had to buy the foundation as you can see from my post yesterday.

I picked up the Omega 3 supplements because I keep getting ill and I think I need to start taking some vitamins. I was going to pick up others but they never had any others that I needed. I picked up the scales for my case this year for my holiday, I picked up the oil because I have a scar I'd like to try and fix without forking out for bio oil. I got the Garnier because I love love love their creams and it was only £1 who can moan at that?! (It was £1 because it is in Arabic) I got the foundation for this weekend till I can buy a new long term foundation and I got the bumpits for my hair on Saturday. I'd like to try a different style for once and these work a treat. I'll do some before and afters if I use them Saturday.

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