Thursday 11 April 2013

#AxCircus - My first blogger event

Unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday or don't have Twitter/Instagram you would know about AX Paris' AX Circus blogger event pretty much all over cyber space. AX PARIS had an event to show off their new and first ever TV advert which is a pretty big deal!
 It will be going live this Sunday and you can see it on ITV2 & MTV. I was super lucky to win tickets from EtailPR and get to go. It was at Circus in Covent Garden. I had never been before so I couldn't wait.

The sink!

Circus is an 'innovative combination of cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant set in vibrant Covent Garden, in London's West End.' and it looked super posh and swanky. It was like a house of mirrors, you couldn't help but check yourself out. The bathrooms were really confusing a little too posh. I did spot many of the girls walking in the men's and running out once they noticed. Anyway, I'll stop rambling on...

Sorry about the quality
I only found out that Ax Paris did a plus size range a few months ago and from that moment on they have stolen my heart! 
 They have the most amazing style and there is something unique about their items. I was very please to hear after speaking to one of the Ax Paris ladies that they are looking into expanding the curve range. She showed me some of their new Spring curve items and I really loved the peplum jacket & the maxi dress. I did like all of the curve items but I wasn't sure how nice they would look over my belly. I'm upset I never got the ladies name because she was really nice and made me at ease for the night. 
These are just a few items from their amazing new collection!

One of the cocktails
I had a little too much to drink, I had about 5 cocktails and three glasses of wine. To be fair I really needed it because I was so shy. I didn't speak to many of the girls. I'm such a shy person it's unreal and most of them had me a little starstuck, I love so many of their blogs and there was a blogger (not sure if I should say who) and I've loved her blog for ages and it had been bugging me because her pictures always looked like they are close to my house and I found out she lives just up the road from me which is pretty cool! It's a small world and she helped me and Lillie find our bus stop. 

Tv ad
Little shot of the TV ad

 They had such awesome entertainment! I love the fire eaters, the beautiful dancing ladies and the man who really shouldn't be able to spin that much without being sick! haha I have some videos coming soon. They had some lush canapes too. They all had fancy names but honestly it was baby corn in batter, prawns in batter and that's all I ate. I also saw some sushi and other items, they honestly tasted delicious. Some of the brands that helped with the event: ColourXtremeEtatpur, The Vintage Cosmetic company, Propercorn, Pop Chips, The Bohemian Collective, Teapigs, Tights PleaseBarry M
Batiste, Coldpress, Crown and Glory & many more


I'd like to say a massive thank you to EtailPR & Ax Paris. You put on an amazing event and I'm glad it was my first.

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  1. I think I am one of those living under a rock lol looked really fun