Sunday 7 April 2013

First Ax Paris Curve order

So today I did my first Ax Paris Curve order, I have a top already but I got it BNWT from Ebay, it was nice to order something from their official website for a change. I was very impressed with the site, it is simple to use, fast and you can use PayPal to pay for your items (always a bonus)
I picked up the white/cream Leopard Belt Chiffon Dress. It costs £29.99 (RRP: £42) and went down to £23.99 with my 20% discount code. I did go to use my myunidays student discount code but it was only 10% (which is amazing normally) because I want it for the Ax Circus event on Wednesday night I decided I will do next day shipping. I normally never do that because it is expensive and sometimes it comes just as quick with free or standard but for this occasion I will. As it was like 11pm on a Sunday it will not be looked at till Monday or Tuesday and fingers crossed it gets here Tuesday or Wednesday latest. I have already decided I'll wear black leggings with it, but I'm not sure what shoes, like always! I was thinking of looking for creepers or Chelsea boots, I already have the black pumps. If it comes Tuesday I'll have to see how it looks, if it don't go I'll have go out Wednesday and pick up creepers or boots. I had £50+ due to selling items on Ebay so I have some spare cash to spend on myself. 

Any suggestions on what shoes to wear?
 The approx length from shoulder to hem is 95cm & the fabric is 100% Polyester.
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