Tuesday 30 April 2013

Plus Size Summer

Oh, I am getting so excited for summer, I've done loads of summer wish lists but I just had to update it and make a new one. I've seen so many amazing tv adverts with some amazingly catchy songs/tunes (Asda, Tesco, Ax Paris, Boohoo, MissGuided) and they have all made me super excited for the weather to come!

I popped in ASDA quickly today to buy a second box of blonde hair dye and at the ASDA near me you have to go through the George section to do anything (that's how they catch you) haha and I spotted some of their amazing tops. I made sure I didn't buy any because May is never a good month for me due to 4 family members birthdays plus I have a class trip. But I am looking to buy them with my next pay check. So anyway here is my little wish list of items I need for summer 2013. 
  My mum recently went halfs on this stunning Colour Block Maxi Dress with me. So it cost me £6 and not £12. I love it and it is so beautiful, I don't think the image does it justice. The colours are outstanding and I feel super sexy in it!

Asda - Goes up to a size 24
Tesco - Goes up to a size 28
Matalan - Goes up to a size 32 (I think)

Coca Cola Vest from ASDA - £6
Daisy Duck T-shirt from ASDA - £6
Live Love Laugh & Dream T-shirt from ASDA - £6
Tie Dye Bandeau Maxi Dress from ASDA - £14
 Sleeveless Tie Front Blouse from Matalan - £10
Stripe Midi Dress from Matalan - £12 
Rogers Spot Print Dress from Matalan - £18
F&F Belted Chiffon Dress from Tesco - £18
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  1. I love clothes from Asda...
    I have the Daisy Duck T-shirt....It was too cute I couldn't leave it in the shop...hehehe

    1. I am very jel right now haha. I really want it.